Russell Pay - composer

I have been composing and arranging applied music for commercials, television, films and social media platforms since the late 1990s. I started out as a guitarist and songwriter and still use these techniques as a basis for many projects. I played in bands throughout the 80s and 90s and gradually accumulated recording equipment. This led to friends in the animation industry asking me to help out with soundtracks for their films which in turn led to work in the commercial sector.

I currently work out of my studio in North London and use Logic and ProTools, guitars and keyboards and all manner of software and real world toys and gadgets to create musical works. My taste in music has always been eclectic, inspired by the song or the piece rather than a particular artist or genre and I like to draw on a wide range of influences from classical to ambient, rap to swing and anything in between to inspire original works. I still play live music as a guitarist in a gypsy jazz band as you can see from the photo where I'm desperately searching for the lost chord. I continue to study music and technology as the learning never ceases. 

If you have a project that requires an original score send me a message through the Contact page and we can talk.